Sunday, September 28, 2008

Is there a professor in this class?

Well, classes are in full swing, or at least they should be. For one of my classes that is not entirely the case. The first session of Black Women Writers was canceled several weeks ago. We had the second class as planned, but the third class was canceled as well. The professor insisted she was very ill and I gave her the benefit of the doubt (it seems she was rather sick). Two make up classes were scheduled, but the professor didn't show up to the first make up class. Instead she sent Professor Yvette Christ who informed us that our regularly scheduled instructor, Professor Banks, was ill (again). All was not lost however. Professor Christ (pronounced with a short "i" as she has an English accent) was absolutely brilliant. I learned more from her in two hours than I'd learned all semester, and she'd only had an afternoon to prepare to teach the class. She wore a bright orange jacked, green and white striped socks, and a bright bowler hat. She didn't look like the sort of person who would be teaching graduate lever English classes, but believe me she was great.

Yesterday, I received an email from Dr. Banks telling us that she would no longer be our instructor for the class. She said someone would be taking over, but didn't mention by name who this person was. I really hope it is Dr. Christ, but I'm still waiting to hear.

We are 4-5 weeks into the semester and have only discussed one novel. I hope the next few months aren't crammed with make up work because of this setback.

In other news, my job is going to be changing significantly. Lion Brand yarns has decided to open the first Lion Brand Yarn Studio on W 15th St near Union Square. I will be working in the studio, when it opens in late fall, and until then I will be working with the manager to get the studio ready to open. When it does open I will will perform retail functions and I will teach many of the knitting classes that will be offered. This is a salaried position with full benefits which excites me to no end. My big challenge will be balancing school with work, and finding time for a social life (and maybe even some knitting and spinning!).

I've purchased my Thanksgiving plane ticket, and Daniel is coming out for a visit on October 9th. I can't wait! I'm trying the plan things for us to do, but he has to be back in class by the 13th so we only have a few days.

Well, I have to finish This Earth of Mankind for class on Monday. So, once again, off to the library.

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